Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dassault design challenge - 2nd round

Hi there!
There was the AutoDesign Conference taking place in Prague (quite interesting by the way) and the Dassault Systemes Design Challenge 2012 was announced there. Guess what - I ended up second! (again :)) here it is, it's called 7miles, supposed to be a short distance personal commuting device (and a lot more)


fisk black said...

hay i just wanted to know what kind of system of motor would this run off of i have been trying to build a leg i have deemed protoss and if you want spects. email me at

Josef L. Böhm said...

This email adress does not exist so...

Regarding to the motor - Originaly I was thinking about linear electromotors, but I was told it has a too high power consumption, so it's more likely about dc brushless motors with rack gear or something like that. I admit I'm not really sure, this was designed to a competition as a kind of "sci-fi" vision.
...I'd love to see details of your work

Best regards, Josef B"